Meet Rebecca Polis

Rebecca Polis has forty years experience in establishing and administering people and educational organizations; she is an international teacher, mentor, and advisor. Ms. Rebecca Polis has been the wife of John Polis for forty-five years, is the mother of four, and grandmother of eight. As a grandmother, she deeply feels political service is a compelling responsibility, not only for the current condition, but also for the generations to come. And today, she’s running to be your WV State Senator.

Ms. Rebecca Polis supports the WV republican platform fully and is a conservative leader. Born in Calhoun County, she currently resides in Marion County.

Rebecca Polis is for…


Education to elevate standard of living and life skills that will propel this generation and perpetuate the one to come.

Women’s Potential

Women reaching full potential through traditional and non traditional skills.

Family Life

Building better Family Life today, for a better tomorrow.

Addiction Recovery

Much needs accomplished with the state’s addiction crisis including re-education programs and prescription availability accountability

Job Generation

Generating new fields of employment for citizen opportunities.


Rebecca Polis is pro-life and supports vetted adoption remedies and fostering solutions.

Pro-2nd Amendment

Rebecca Polis is pro-second amendment supporting gun rights.

A Voice For Values.