My Opponent

Current Senator Roman Prezioso is retiring, my opponent is Democrat Mike Caputo.  My opponent participated in a negative, untruthful advertisement.  I am running with Integrity and Respect and will not likewise falsely disparage him; however, I will dispel the myths with truth and provide facts!  I thank you in advance for reading this!  I provide the following facts to Set The Record Straight:

  1. I was NOT hand-picked to run by anyone! The ad falsely claims I was hand-picked by outgoing Senate Speaker Mitch Carmichael. It was my decision alone to serve the great people of this district and state; no one asked me to run! I filed in January by the deadline; I only briefly first met Mr. Carmichael at a Candidate Conference 5 months later, so the fabrication that he hand picked me is impossible!
  2. I SUPPORT teachers! The ad falsely claims I oppose teachers!  As a 40 year educator, and a person who benefited from a bachelors and masters degrees through education, I fully appreciate the role of teachers in training and equipping our next generation and have stated plans for education reform.
  3. I will BRING more jobs into the state, NOT drive them out!! The ad falsely claims I will drive jobs out of our state.  I will find new and more industry and promote all avenues of career preparation via promotion of skilled trades in vo-tech and trade schools, as well as support higher education, so that our children can find good jobs and stay in West Virginia.  This is especially important now with the down-turned economy and job losses we’ve incurred through the pandemic!
  4. I will NOT raise taxes! The ad falsely claims I would raise taxes.  I fully support Fiscal Responsibility and will strive to find all funding within the state’s budget or outside granting sources, but not increase an individual’s taxes.  In fact, I will strive to find ways to decrease taxes, not raise them!

The following are provided for your proper vetting

SPECIAL INTEREST MONEY:  How does my opponent afford these expensive negative advertisements?  The following are self-explanatory excerpts of public records where Mountain State Values…from Charleston, outside of our district…is funding a total of $51,970.70 “in opposition of the candidate Rebecca Polis.”  Isn’t it concerning that this outsize organization is attempting to negatively influence your vote?